inspiration is everywhere! -POPPY

welcome to PETUNIA+POPPY: [the blog].
{this is our place to sort out our thoughts, organize our inspiration,
share our ideas,show off our projects, and announce etsy updates}

we have a brand new etsy shop @ petuniaandpoppy.etsy.com.

check it out if you get the chance.
we love to create and love to share!
the shop is in the beginning stages,
so for now we've got some hair accessories for sale,
but in the future we will add to our collection:
anything from frames to vintage clothing to art.

enjoy our blog and enjoy our shop!
but most of all, enjoy the world before you.
a world of beauty. . . .
a world of opportunity. . . .
a world of creativity. . . .
a world of [inspiration].

thanks for visiting!
come back soon!



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