Project 101

Remember the post I did on This Young House? Of course you do, it's only been a few days. Well, they posted a little tutorial on how to make hanging lanterns. I think they turned out to be quite adorable. I want to make some for our back porch. That's one area of the house I always think is lacking.
Speaking of the house, the bedroom makeover is coming along quite nicely. One of my favorite purchases has been from IKEA. I was wandering through the store, looking for a curtain rod when I passed a curtain wire. This normally wouldn't interest me but an image instantly popped into my mind, of a room I saw years ago in Decorating Magazine, one of the Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications. I fell in love with the room for its' effortless mix of old and new. One of the things I loved about it was the sleek wire used for the curtains. I just found the picture after digging through some of my old decorating magazines and see a lot of similarities between it and my own bedroom. I'm just loving this addition. And we couldn't find any curtains that we liked, so we just bought two flat sheets and hung them as curtains. Such amazing creations can evolve by thinking outside the box!

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