1940s Birthday Soiree -POPPY

Hubba's Birthday Soiree was Saturday and it couldn't have turned out better. Everything went just as planned, we weren't too stressed the day of, and our guests really pulled through with their outfits. It made the party that much more special.


blackjack anyone?


the invitations:


We served dinner: 7 bone roast, potatoes, and Caroline's delicious salad and dressing*.
Hors d'ouvres: olives. sushi. pita bread, veggies, and hummus. cheese, fruit, and crackers.


Dessert consisted of chocolate chip pound cake (the best cake EVER) with lemon curd and caramel sauce* on the side, 'Magnolia's' cupcakes with 'Sprinkles' frosting, and red, white, and blue tootsie rolls.


I made toothpicks for the cupcakes using red, white, and blue cardstock, 3 inch scallop punches, and 2 inch circle punches. I used mod podge to glue two scalloped pieces together (with a toothpick in between) and glued a circle in the center. Hubba made a '29' stencil out of contact paper and used one of his gum erasers to sponge in the number. He's crafty like that.


I made the cake stand. Yes, MADE it, using instructions I found here*. I actually used a candlestick instead of a sundae cup and I had to be patient and keep returning to the thrift store until I found the perfect plate. I'll have to take a close-up of the finished product so you can actually see what it looks like. LOVE how it turned out. (I made three but my favorite is the one the cake is on).

We found some 'Happy Birthday' music online in Big Band style. This was one of my favorite little details about the party. It added the perfect touch to the usual a capella singing. Fun, fun.


Hubba and I both found our outfits for under $20.
earrings- $5 Wal-Mart
flower- a PETUNIA+POPPY original.


I already owned the shirt.
skirt-$4 DI
shoes- (Steve Madden) $4 DI

Hubba used a shirt and tie he already owned.

hat- $7 Taylormaid in Provo
pants- $5 DI
suspenders- $3 DI
shoes- $4 DI
That brings the grand total for two outfits to a whopping $32.


Thrift stores are priceless for these types of events. I found a lot of the decorations there, as well.

I watched some YouTube videos for tips on my hair and tried the styles out a few times before the party. Hubba used some grease in his, to slick it back like they did in the 40's.




I made a mini paper banner in red, white, blue, and yellow for the arch in the kitchen.


Costco had these amazing glass drink jars for $30 a piece. Something that will definitely come in handy for our annual Halloween bash.

We also got our drink bin from Costco. We served bottled rootbeer and Coke, and Martinelli's. We were hammered by the end of the night. : )


We hung a white sheet from the ceiling and used it as a backdrop for pictures of our guests. We had tons of balloons- red, maroon, white, and creme.

We got cigars and cigarettes from Taylormaid and Hubba made some '29' sleeves for the cigars. Each of the guys had a cigar in their champagne glass and the girls had a cigarette and a pack of retro gum: Blackjack, Beemans, or Clove.

It was SO much fun and I'm really sad it's over.

Luckily I have a four year old birthday party to plan within the next couple of weeks. Whew! I get worn out just thinking about it.

*if you haven't checked out the Armelle Jewelry blog yet, you must. By far one of my favorites. I've tried tons of her recipes (all DELISH) and tutorials and have loved them all. Caroline is so creative and crafty and has some great ideas.

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