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This week: Forage
370 E. 900 S.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Last week, we had the opportunity to attend the soft opening of a new restaurant in Salt Lake, called Forage. When we were invited to come, Hubba, in his infinite wisdom, had to ask me what the retaurant title means. I had to explain to him that 'to forage' is to 'look for food'.

They seem to have foraged the city for the freshest food available and even have their own small garden in the back. Located near Liberty Park, Forage is set in a small, blue house. The decor was light, minimalist, and modern, with accents of beautiful, fresh flowers.

The combinations of flavors were new and surprising. There were many ingredients we had never even heard of before. I kept forgetting names of everything right after they told me, but it was all delicious and that's all that matters. They served three types of flavored water. Lemongrass was our favorite but we also tried the rhubarb. We had bread, butter, and salt in between each of the courses. I LOVED the poppyseed honey wheat bread but their sourdough was also tasty. The picture below shows our halibut, served over fennel, with a coffee foam and zuccini on the side.

The very first thing we tried was a croquette of some sort. It was a little fried ball (not pictured) that they suggested eating in one bite. We were surprised to taste liquid on the inside. It was like eating a bowl of soup in one bite. Delish. Another favorite of mine was the garden salad. It looked so small when it came out but it was oh SO good. A mix of vegetables I never would have thought to put together but it definitely worked. It was fine cuisine at its greatest. And we had an egg custard served right in the egg shell. I loved that little touch of creativity.

We were served three different desserts including a blueberry sorbet (pictured below), a passionfruit soup, and a chocolate truffle.

Instead of mints, they brought out these little morsels below. They were chewy, kind of like macaroons. And as we left the restaurant, we got one more little treat- it was a mix between a blueberry muffin and cornbread. Sweet and salty, fluffy with a slight crunch (sliced pecans).

Aside from the food, the service was great. The waiters and waitresses were all very friendly and softspoken. It makes the whole experience that much sweeter when the service meets your expectation.

Thank you Forage, for a dining experience to remember.

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    Thanks for the review! We hope to see you again soon!