Kum ba yah

We're camping out for the 4th! We'll have 3 toddlers and a baby, a river, and a fire. Our plan is to keep the kids entertained so they stay out of danger. Here are some ideas we've found:

-flashlight tag
-balance beam (line up sticks or anything you find, and have your kids walk along it. You can walk next to it, on top of it, go backwards, one foot on either side of the line, hop down, etc)
-digging (we found buckets and shovels at the dollar store)
-nature hunt (look for something specific, a list of things, or let the kids find anything they think is cool)

-Train ride (hang on to waists and let each child lead the train on a ride through the trees)
-treasure boxes (paint egg cartons and let the kids put the treasures from their nature hunt in the boxes)
-card games (we found crazy eights and go fish at the dollar store. the decks of cards are Disney Cars themed)
-I spy

I'm crossing my fingers that these activities will actually work!
*If you have any more clever ideas, let us know...please!!

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