Make a list...Check

I was talking to my sister, K, about the morning rush to get the kids to school on time, and she gave me a great tip. For those of us who tend to be slow movers, why not make a morning checklist place mat? I love the idea. And its so pretty!

The directions are here at Family Fun. Its not too complicated. However, if you're anything like me or my girl K, you need things to be extra extra easy. Since K needed this place mat desperately and didn't want to wait to get all the materials together, she headed off to Walmart where she found a laminated place mat for 75cents! Then she just wrote down her checklist items, gave her speed-challenged son a dry erase marker, and off they went.

It's making a big difference in HER house. Now its time to put it to work in OURS! Race ya to Wal-Mart? Ready, GO!

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