I'm Baaaaaack! -POPPY

I'm back from my extremely long hiatus. I'm feeling like I've finally been able to catch my breath after a busy couple of months. Wow, it's been over a MONTH since I've posted! That's like two years in blogging time. Sorry to PETUNIA and sorry to our readers. I'm feeling like I can now pick up where I left off and continue my love/hate relationship with blogging.

Love, because it's fun and I enjoy finding ideas for projects, date nights, kiddie entertainment, and home decorating. Hate, because I sometimes neglect the other things in my life when I get too attached to my blog. So please bear with me as I try to find balance.

On the agenda in the near future:

  • you're invited to a night at our 'Oogie Lounge' for Halloween. Drinks, dancing, and costumes, anyone?
  • speaking of costumes, having trouble with ideas? Martha's got you covered (check tomorrow)
  • 'Where the Wild Things Are' came out yesterday!! We're having a wild rumpus!
  • and did you enter? we did. (see below)



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