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'Today is Fun' is one of my favorite sites for ideas on entertaining my kids.
I love, love, love it because it's simple and free. I check in about once a week, read up on the activities I haven't yet seen, and store them away for a day when the kids are bored or restless.
My boys, to this day, love talking in robot voices because, once upon a time, mommy did story time in a robot voice. And I think, after a year or so of getting ideas from the site, I'm better at coming up with fun ideas for my kids all on my own. If I'm ever stuck, I've got 'Today is Fun' as a backup.
*I did the yodeling activity with baby g and big brother when they had a friend over. They thought it was HIGH-larious! Nevermind that I looked like a middle-aged overweight man in a lederhosen. Something I've learned is that, the sillier you are, the more fun the kids have. So don't be afraid to dance around and make funny faces. They'll like it that much more. Kids don't judge. Just use caution when adults are around. That's a whole different story.

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