Why didn't I think of this? Instead of games at a baby shower, do like Carrie, from This Mama Makes Stuff and have the guests make things for the mommy-to-be. GENIUS! Games can be awkward anyway, and this way the new mommy is all set as far as pretty little things go: burp cloths, onesies, clothes, etc. Love!


  1. cute. my friend just did a shower with the same idea: http://simplyradiant.blogspot.com/2009/11/lisas-baby-shower-part-3-what-we-did-at.html
    she's pretty darn crafty too.

  2. I wanted to comment you awhile ago on your family blog, but I didn't have your email :( Just wanted to tell you that I love love love looking at pictures of your family growing! All the fun things you get up to with the boys make me so excited to see my new baby grow. I'm so happy to have a way to keep up with you girls!
    <3 Kassie