making a list -POPPY

{photo by ebby}
I'm an organizer at heart. Writing lists is a daily occurance for me. I have lists about the books I have read/am reading/want to read. I have lists about things I want to learn about. I have lists about the goals I want to achieve. I have lists about the gifts I want to give for Christmas. I have lists about the sites I love and the things I want to do with my kids. I have lists about the projects I want to do and what I need to get in order to get those projects done. I have lists of date ideas for me and Hubba. I have lists of recipes I'd like to try. I have to-do lists. I have shopping lists. I have lists about what lists I need to write. I thrive on list-making. I love the satisfaction I get from checking something off my lists.

My latest list is a list of new goals:

    {photo by jogging tip}

    Date to be Completed/ specific goal

  • Sat. 11.28.09 - reupholster vanity chair
  • Sun. 11.29.09 - learn to crochet
  • Mon. 12.7.09 - finish the Christmas stockings I started last year
  • Sat. 12.12.09 - read a book with my C man - Charlotte's Web? Bridge to Teribithia? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? A Wrinkle in Time? (not sure which yet)
  • Fri. 1.1.10 - to move or not to move? make a decision
  • Fri. 1.1.10 - to homeschool or not to homeschool? make another decision
  • Sun. 1.31.10 - finish reading 'All the Shah's Men'
  • Fri/Sat 6.18/19.10 - run the Wasatch Back (Ragnar Relay)
  • Sat. 7.17.10 - finsh reading 'The Book of Mormon'

I plan to have all of these goals accomplished by my birthday in july. Join with me in my journey and if there's something you want to learn about/ do/ make, a class you want to attend, a race you want to run, a habit you want to end, a book you want to read, or a tradition you want to start, do it now! Get started on these things when you think about them. Don't wait until New Year's. How much better will it feel to have some of your goals checked off your list by January 1st? It's a great way to start off a year!


  1. Read A Wrinkle in Time! Its one of my faves!

  2. I vote YES to homeschooling.