how did you meet your love?

Life with my Hubba started with a 'nice note' he wrote, telling me I'm 'extremely beautiful' (his words, not mine). I thought what better way to remind him of our beginnings together, than to write him a 'nice note' this fine Valentine's morning?
However you choose to profess your love, it's something meaningful between the two of you. I think that's one reason I really love this holiday. It's between you and the object of your affection, yet so many people, all over are doing the same thing, in their own special way. You get to take a moment and reflect on why that person is so special to you and bring some of those old feelings back to the surface. Exciting, don't ya think? So profess away!

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  1. I remember that nice note! John always teases me because we thought a bunch of pick up line nice notes were from Dave and his apt, but were really from John (Your dad must be Osama b/c you're the bomb!). I still have it...and the note from Sarah that says "I like you, love John" then John crossed out and a "just kidding!" below. Good times. Good times.