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guess we're not big January fans? We didn't mean to neglect the blog last month. It just happened. It's over now and we're one step closer to VALENTINE'S DAY!!

Yes, I'm one of those annoying people who just LOVES Valentine's Day. It's right behind Christmas on the 'favorite holiday list' in my opinion.

If you're the type of person who just doesn't like the hearts, PDA, and love in the air, maybe you're not doing it right. Okay maybe not the PDA, but the rest? Looooove!

Valentine's Day is a time for crafts, projects, dates (or fun activities with friends or roommates, if you don't have a significant other) and decorations!

Still not working for you? Let me get your creative juices flowing with some fun ideas I've spotted lately while surfing the www. :

elastic waist tutorial on freshly picked. {go here}

a no-sew banner @ {robayre}

heart toast via {make and takes}

I made this tic-tac-toe last year from make and takes

free printable valentine's at {74 lime lane}

I'm heading out to a Valentine's party right now, with my two little kiddies in tow. I'm all set with my fuscia lipstick {MAC Girl About Town} and tights {Target- Forever Berry}.

Because what's says VALENTINE more than FUSCIA?

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