PETUNIA + POPPY are pregnant!

That's right, we're both pregnant! Just a few weeks apart, too. Does that justify the two month gap between posts?

Having a bun in the oven makes your mind go crazy for all things baby. The first thing we wanted to tackle was baby bedding. We took a trip to the thrift store and bought this vintage floral sheet for just $2.
This was such an easy project!

I started by ironing it. Then I cut it into a 44''x66'' rectangle. This should fit a standard crib mattress.
I cut an 8''x8'' square from all four corners and then sewed each individual corner shut with a 1/2 inch seam- right sides together (I started with a 1/4 inch seam and then changed my mind and switched to a 1/2 inch. That's why there are two seams in the pic below).
Now turn it right side out and you've basically got your sheet made. All that's left is the elastic.
I folded the edge down about 1/2 an inch, ironed it, and sewed all the way around with a zig zag stitch.
Then I added the elastic. I used the smallest elastic I could find (1/4 inch). Mine was 8 yards long and I used maybe half of it. I started at the seam on one of the corners and worked my way around the whole sheet with a zig zag stitch, stretching the elastic as I sewed.
This was SO easy, I'm sure I'll be making many more in the near future. My end cost was about $2.50! And I have more fabric and elastic left over for other projects (maybe another elastic-waist skirt?)
Not bad, not bad at all.
On the agenda for the near future:

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