Last Minute baby projects

I finished our silhouette plaques! I used this tutorial for the silhouettes and I used the basic idea of this one for the plaques.

I purchased a crochet pattern for a diaper cover from Just Born, on Etsy and have already made one for my baby and a couple for friends. They're SO EASY and so cute and tiny. Can't wait to see baby in this!

And way back in October of last year I did a post on these little fabric booties. I made some today and they, too, are such a simple project. I actually had all of the supplies already, minus the 1/8'' elastic. I used two layers of canvas in place of the bonded fleece
(and I actually didn't use fusible interfacing because I didn't read the instructions well enough. Next time I'll do it right, but they still turned out).

D-day is tomorrow!
I feel very prepared now that all of my projects are complete.

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  1. God luck Carrie!!! And such adorable things you've done!