Easter Crafts

My little Jack-a-doo LOVES to do crafts! I guess that's part of being a 4 year old. We've been trying out some Easter crafts lately and I want to share some of our faves!

Egg Creatures from Make and Takes:
We found the idea for these cute little guys on Make and Takes. We made more bunnies, chicks, and a carrot, but I can't find them anywhere. I think little Add probably took them to nap time with her. The kids (2 and 4) REALLY loved this one! They couldn't do much of it themselves, but they told me what they were making and where to put things, so it was still their creation. The orange egg in the picture was made by Jack. He worked the pipe cleaners all by himself. He tells me its a carrot! The blue Mommy Alien is my personal favorite. Can you see her earrings?

You can go to Make and Takes for the instructions, but what I did is grabbed any crafting supply I thought I might need and got to work. We used plastic eggs (obviously), foam craft paper, pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, jewels, a permanent marker, a hot glue gun, and our imaginations. We're going to set these out tomorrow in hopes that the Easter bunny will fill them with candy and hide them for us to find!

Water Color Eggs from my friend:

We did this today while Addie was sleeping. I printed off some egg shapes and we colored designs in the eggs with a white crayon. Then we colored over the egg with watercolors and the designs magically appear! Jack didn't really get it until I painted an egg and "I 'heart' Jack" appeared. Then he got really excited and said, "This is so DANG cool! This is SO dang cool!." He didn't always push hard enough with the crayon, and his pictures didn't always appear, but he loves to paint so it all worked out!

Little Chick from Kaboose:
I just saw a picture of this in Google Images and we made up our own, but for the purpose of the blog I decided to dig a little deeper and found the instructions on Kaboose. We made ours with foam craft paper. We cut out an egg shape for the body, traced our hands for the wings, and made up our own shapes for the legs and beak. Jack did most of this himself. I drew the shapes and he cut them out and glued them on. He was very proud of his creation.

This picture is a little sneak peek at tomorrow's post...Easter dresses for the girls!!

See you then!

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  1. Those first little eggs are so cute. I think we will be doing some too. I am sure the boys would love to play with them anytime - not just for Easter. :)