What a *SUPER* Day!

Carrie made our nephews super capes for Christmas a couple years ago and they've been a big hit. Jack dons his daily, so I decided little miss Addie needed to be able to be 'super' too. I asked what colors she wanted but all she would say was pink. So one side of the cape is pink, and the other is patterned after Tinkerbell colors (her yellow hair, green dress, and white puff on her shoes).
I just made up a shape and cut out identical pieces from each color (I just used some cheap broadcloth). Then I sewed a super symbol (made out of felt) to each.

Then, with right sides facing, I sewed them together (leaving an open space for turning). I flipped it right side out and stitched around the edge again to make it look finished. I added Velcro to the neck and it called it done!

The kids had a blast! There's no time for a posed shot when there are so many 'super' things that need to be done!

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