Its Christmas Time!

I told my kids at Thanksgiving that we would put up the Christmas tree on the first Monday in December for family home evening. I'm kind of regretting that right now. Yesterday was the first day of December and the first day I really started to catch Christmas fever! But I'm still too lazy to bring the boxes of Christmas upstairs so I guess we really will wait til Monday.

However, that doesn't stop us from listening to Christmas music! Harry Connick Jr. has been a long time fave in our house, and anything old such as Bing Crosby. This year we've also added Come Let Us Adore Him by The Lower Lights. We are big fans of The Lower Lights! If you're here on a Sunday you're sure to hear some.

Here's one of my all time favorites from Harry...

What are your go to holiday favorites?

*Oh yeah, don't forget the giveaway!


  1. AH!! i love me some harry! it's a fave in our house too. brad also likes neil diamond. can't say that i've been able to get into it though. we both like michael buble, celine dion, and andrea bocelli. I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!!

  2. I Love Harry too. One of my very favorites. The new Michael Buble Christmas album is fantastic. Of course all of the oldies are awesome too...Nat King Cole, Bing, Ella Fitzgerald. I'm with you, this is THE best time of year!!