Clean day . . .

After taking down the "holidays" . . . I always find new motivation to put the house back together and do a good, thorough cleaning.  With a 4 month old baby, I've not done such a bang up job this year.  But Mrs. Myers Clean Day is my "go to" to help gain a little instant satisfaction in the clean department.  I always feel better if my counters shine, and my sink and appliances sparkle.

My favorite scent right now is the basil.  I get the sparkle and shine that I seek, but probably the very best benefit I reap from this cleaner is the heavenly scent!  To say I love the smell of a house cleaned with this stuff is an understatement.  On the website it says the basil scent is good to . . . "ease the nerves and perk up the senses", and boy does it ever (and I need both of those things)!   -- Probably why I like it so much . . . it energizes AND relaxes at the same time!  Even my boys comment on how much they love the smell . . . BOYS!  (I KNOW!)  They still have yet to thank me for cleaning, but the fact that they even notice, is just about as good in my book!

*photo from Mrs. Meyer's website - (wish you could scratch and sniff!)

(I also use the room spray and soy candle -- for layers of freshness!)

. . . you should try it (they have lots of other scents too)!


  1. mmm! that sounds delicious. : ) of course i've seen this stuff, but i've never tried it. i have a husband who prefers the cheapest thing possible (so usually the most generic thing we can find). i love the packaging, too! i think i'd enjoy cleaning just a little more, with a product like this.

  2. Kjirst!!!! How funny! The basil is my favorite too!!!! I can't get enough of it! Thanks so much for your comment! I think it is so cool that all of you sissies are going to start blogging together! I love it! I sure think about you often! I can't believe little Anna is already 4 months old! My Mom showed me the picture of her on your Christmas card and she is perfect and beautiful!!!! As are the rest of the Quinn and Kjirsten Fam! I love you lots!

  3. I love the packaging too! I bet it smells so wonderful!

  4. I used this at your house, and it really does smell so fresh and clean!