Fabulous Friday Tip...

It makes me giggle a little that this is what I'm sharing...seeing as how I am currently un- decorating our home to stage it to sell...BUT I just love this so much that I just HAD to share it!! So, here goes...
my good Friend Kristen Duke is doing a "Decorating with Portraits" Series on her Blog that I just LOVE...It has some really great tips and ideas from bloggers across the globe on how to use your photos to decorate your home in SO many different ways. Some of my faves are:

From THIS POST ,  Becky Higgins's Blog  gives you a 'how to' on hanging perfect photo grids (which I have done and it is HARD to get it just right)

Another fave:
from THIS POST by Ucreate , these frames are pretty pricey, though I think you can find some that are unfinished with out the glass for MUCH cheaper

I LOVE this GIANT/budget friendly photo tutorial because of how much of an impact it makes for such a small dent in your wallet! (from this post
Same gal from SugarBeeCrafts does this one. I totally want to do this! My kids would love it!

THIS ONE  is from a family in our ward that Kristen photographed. I particularly love this one right now because the home we are hoping to move to has a curved stair case like this one and I'm thinking I will do something like this.

and here's my sad attempt at demonstrating how we have used our portraits to decorate OUR home...you get the idea right? (excuse the poor quality...I took these on my iphone this morning and it was really overcast outside...normally our home is a little brighter than that!:) The family photos are canvases that I got from canvas people, the one on the bottom right is next to our "family rules" subway art. the kid portraits are just large 11x14 prints in some classic gallery frames from Michaels (50% off deal) These are kind of basic I know...I'm hoping to do more variety and incorporate some more color  and texture when I'm back into "decorating mode" again;)

My kids (and Mike and I too ;) just LOVE seeing photos through out our home of our family, it really helps us feel more unified and just confirms to us that even when we are feeling grumpy or having a bad day that we DO have a family and that we DO love each other!! I hope these ideas can inspire you to print your photos and use them in creative and inspirational ways to beautify your home! Happy Friday everyone!!
(here's a link to the whole line up from last year and the current series of posts)


  1. thank you, caroline!! i have been telling brad that i really think we need some pictures on the walls. aside from a gallery wall we have in our bedroom, we don't have a single picture up in the house! isn't that crazy?! it might also help if we got a real family picture taken. after 8 1/2 years of marriage, we've still never done family pictures (we just set up the tripod).

    anyway, i really do think it makes the house a home to have some pictures of the family on the walls. thanks for sharing.

  2. Carrie, just for the record, your tripod photos are always AWESOME!!! and your spontaneous photos on your blog too! they are super frame-worthy!!!

  3. So fun . . . thanks for sharing! We havn't had our pictures professionally taken in years . . . and we don't have a tripod either!! I hope we can get some good pictures taken one of these days -- yours are SOOOOOOO cute! I think you're right about what family pictures can do for the "self-esteem" (should we call it) of children. Helps them know that they are a part of something great, and important, and forever. I love how you have nice framed pictures all over your house. And I agree -- Carrie's tripod pics are definately frame worthy. Love you! (shoot me an email sometime with an update on all of the "house" news!--so exciting!)

  4. thanks guys! and i forgot to say, i didn't know you were moving, caroline! i need to hear more about these plans.

  5. great post! I LOVE LOVE LOVE pics and try to have as many up in the house as possible without getting to tacky, haha. I love that first picture in the post, so bright and vibrant!