Happy Valentine's Day!

Today was Addie's co-op preschool Valentine's party. The kids had so much fun! We're lucky to have such fun creative friends!

Their favorite part was exchanging Valentine's. When I was little I always thought it was super lame when people gave non candy treats on Valentine's and Halloween. Well guess what...now I get it!
For their Valentine's, Jack gave stickers (that we found at Walmart in the after Christmas clearance sale!) with a tag that says "I'm stuck on you!"
And Addie gave bubbles with a tag that says "I am bubbling over with excitement that you are my friend"

If you know ANYTHING about Eric (my husband), you know he is a Ron Paul supporter. So, we gave him a card that said "We made a donation to the Ron Paul money BOMB in your name" with a sucker we turned into a bomb. He thought it was pretty great!
We got the idea from here. and it looks kind of like this:
I hope you all have a fabulous Valentine's Day! I'd love to hear what fun things you all did, tell me about it in the comments!


  1. Cute Sis!! I was WAY not creative, and totally went with the candy. (I'm lame) That kind of backfired when I had Luke write his name on his valentines while I was feeding Anna in the other room. He had 28 valentines, and only needed 19 for his class. Well . . . when all was said and done, we were two valentines short after he ate 11 of the candies while working away. That's my boy!

  2. ha ha! kj's comment cracks me up. that's something my griffy would do too. i love your ideas, sare! they all sound so cute. griff was sick on the day of his v-day party, so we didn't do any valentines. which was nice for me because i always get stressed out trying to think of the perfect thing. but we made lots of treats and ate lots of candy. today we're going to make cupcakes with a heart in the center (found on pinterest, of course).

  3. what great valentine ideas! I know Eric was very happy with his bomb! haha! I haven't ever seen that idea before!

  4. Super cute valentines ideas! I bet Eric got a kick out of his valentine:) kjirst and Carrie- lily is our griff and Luke :) I went store bought this year and got all non candy valentines for the kids EXCEPT for 7 in Bella's class since her cards came with hello kitty magnets (lame for boys right?!) so we dug up some red christmas laffy taffy's for the 7boys...while we were all stuffing cards Lily quiety ripped all 7 of them open and stuffed them in her mouth!! She is our candy monster!

  5. Haha! I love the bomb valentine! Very creative Sarah!!