My 13 year old accidentally spilled a glass of water on my laptop keyboard last week, while doing his homework . . . so this is going to be a quick post (since I have to use the desktop in my husband's office, while he is working - he gets to work from home when he's not traveling).

I have been in an interesting "funk" lately, maybe just having a new baby while trying to balance my other busy kiddos.  I feel a bit more contemplative than normal, and a little blue.  Been thinking about heavy things  --  maybe it's a hormonal thing, maybe the state of "things" in the world today . . . I don't really know. 

But, I found this quote, which I believe with all my heart.  It's time to "forget myself, and get to work"!!  Service is always a sure way to feel "better".  :)

 Hope you have a happy week! 

answer prayer
*quote and image from the 320 Sycamore blog


  1. Thanks Kjirst! I love that! I get in funks like that too. Hope you feel better.

  2. Wow! Needed this quote today!! Love! Thanks for posting it!

  3. These words could not be more true. Thanks for sharing. I hope you get out of that 'funk'. I hate feeling 'down' when there doesn't really seem to be a reason.

  4. Funks are the worse!! we all have those day! thanks for sharing that wonderful quote! love ya kjirst!