I love you because...

When I saw this on Pinterest I knew I had to have it! 
I needed a simple version like this for our bedroom with the hope that it wouldn't look too cheesy,
so I just made my own and bought a frame on clearance at Micheal's:

We've had this hanging on our bedroom wall for a month now and it has been so much fun!
We write on it secretly, when no one is looking :)

I have found myself looking forward to seeing what my husband writes about me, and when I notice that it has changed it is such a fun little pick me up during the day. It has helped me look for the good and wonderful things about my husband rather than focusing on the negative.

I'm thinking I want to have one in each of my kid's room too.
What a fun way to let each person know you've thought about them and you notice how special they are!

As mentioned, I originally saw this on Pinterest which led me to Kiki Creates. Check out her cute ideas! There are a lot of different ways you could do this to make it work for your family like putting it on your refrigerator, in the playroom, inside closets (in case boys think its too cheesy, but you know they would secretly love it).

You can visit her etsy shop for more colorful versions.

If you're looking for a more simple design, you can print my plain version here!
{Go 'File' to 'Print' or just click the printer icon in the upper left corner}
It will fit in an 8x8 square frame. Simply place the paper behind the glass and use dry erase or window markers to write.


  1. I LOVE this Tare! I especially love that it's something easy enough that I can do!! I am going to print one for each kiddo and mike too! like you said, what a great way to focus on the positive and not the negative. If I do this x6 every day I bet it would have a great influence on my mood and outlook on the day (like it has done for you:)Thank you for sharing! love ya!

  2. My kids would love this. It would make them feel really special . . . cute idea! :) Thanks for sharing! Love you!

  3. i repinned this from your pinterest ages ago, but still haven't done it. such a cute idea. i'd like to put it in the kids' rooms. you made it so easy for us, with your own design! thanks!

  4. Cute! I love your version, it totally fits my style. Thanks for sharing!