Oh baby!

Happy Monday! This week is spring break over here! I wish that meant I was on some fabulous getaway, but in reality, for me it means I'm working more than usual because apparently everyone else went on fabulous getaways :) What about you? Do you get to go away for the week?

Today I'm asking you to take a moment out of your spring break bliss, and give me your opinion. We got rid of the baby bath we used with Liv and now are looking for a new one for the new baby. These are my three favorites that I'm considering. These are a lot different than the blue plastic one we had with Liv, but I like that all of these can be stored so much easier, and we are extremely limited on space. Plus all of these are BPA and PVC free! This might seem like a silly thing to be giving this much thought to, but since we are having our second girl there is not a lot that I get to buy brand new, so when there is something that we need I want it to be the best! 

With all that said, which do you like the best? Have you heard of any of these? Used any of these? Have any of these?

plush, made of antimicrobial foam, can be thrown in the dryer or hung on the door

can hang flat on the back of the door, non-slip, can be used in a small sink 

folds flat for easy storage, reclines for newborn, expands for sitting toddler (expanded setting shown below)

Its been a couple years since I've had a newborn. Any other suggestions of must haves or new baby gear that I might not know about? 


  1. those are all really cute! my pick would be the second one, only because it can fit in the sink. that just seems really convenient. you don't have to bend all the way down into the tub.

    i've only tried one kind of baby bath because we've used the same one with all three kids. it's a mesh bath. i always really liked it because it seemed more comfortable for the baby since it was soft, and it folded up and fit in really tiny spaces. but it DIDN'T fit in the sink. ; ) good luck!

  2. I really like this one: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Summer-Infant-Mother-s-Touch-Deluxe-Baby-Bather-Submarine/19599313
    we got it for our 2nd baby. It folds up small, and from day one I could bathe my children together. It makes showering together easier too. I can stick him in it and do all my stuff then pick him up and shower him too. That way I don't have to try and wash my hair while holding him...like i did the first time around :s

    So far, (my babe is only 4.5 months) I have really liked it.

    Good luck! Hope you find something you like!

  3. Carrie- Do you know what kind yours is?

    Rachel- I like that the baby can be propped up with that one. That does make it nice for when your showering together. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. I don't. sorry, it's in storage. BUT it looks a LOT like the one rachel uses. i couldn't tell if hers is mesh, but that's the same look as mine. they're probably the same brand. it just folds up into a nice small square and it can recline or prop up so baby is comfortable. and when you pour water on baby, all of the suds rinse right through the mesh. it makes life really easy.

  5. okay, so i went back and read the description and it IS mesh, so that's the same one i have (just a different print).

  6. I can't wait to meet that precious little someone that you put into those baths! Personally the bloomin' bath made me smile :)
    Love, Gma Debi

  7. Looks like some good options there! I'm still using the one I got when Liam was a baby. (ha!) Good luck with your choice. Love you!