PINNED: The Best Lotion Ever

Let's talk PINTEREST! Who doesn't love Pinterest these days? I have pinned SO. MANY. THINGS that it's starting to make my head spin. I'm trying not to PIN as much and instead DO/MAKE the things I've pinned. I plan to do a post every so often about what I've tried.

My first attempt is the 'best lotion ever' (at least that's what they were calling it on Pinterest).

The site it's from, is called Patchwork Times. I changed the recipe just a little, because I read a few comments saying it was a little greasy, which I HATE.

My recipe is: 4 oz. Vaseline (so I used half of this container)

8 oz. Vitamin E Cream (so I used 4 of these 2oz. tubs),

and about 16 oz. baby lotion (once again, I used about half of the bottle).

I whipped all of the ingredients together in a bowl and filled ten 4 0z. jars with my homemade lotion, to give to friends.

THE VERDICT: I'm really liking it! It's still a little on the greasy side, but I don't think it's TOO greasy. It's very moisturizing. Like I've mentioned before, Utah is so dry, and this feels like heaven on my thirsty skin. I put it on all over, first thing in the morning, or right after I get out of the shower. And I reapply before bed. Some people said they use it on their dry, cracked heels and it softens them up. If you're concerned about the greasiness, it would be great for a nighttime cream. Put it on 15 minutes before bed, and let it go to work while you sleep.

Tip: I looked and looked and looked for the Vitamin E Cream and couldn't seem to find it anywhere (Wal-Mart, Macey's, Sunflower Market, Target), so I gave up. Then one day I was at Macey's (our local grocery store) for something completely unrelated, and just happened to see it on the top shelf in the lotion section (I HAD already looked there a couple different times, and hadn't seen it). I cleared the shelf. The one I got was around $2.50 for 2 oz. I also saw more of it in the Pharmacy section with all of the vitamins, so it's worth a try to look in that section if you can't find it with the lotions and creams.


  1. That is a great idea for a gift for a friend! It is so humid here already that I have a hard time putting lotion on after a shower because Im afraid I'll never dry off, haha! But I do like this idea and will have to try it!

  2. I love how creamy and whipped it looks in the bowl! Reminds me of a really good body butter I used to have ages ago. And honey apple scent sounds yummy! If you bring some to tx I want to try some!

  3. Ooooooo . . . I'm a lotion lover! I'm gonna have to try this. And I'm with Caroline, if you bring some when you come to TX, I'd love to try it too! (I havn't seen that scent before in the baby lotion . . . sounds yummy!)