A Slip Shop

Have you heard of 'A Slip Shop'?

A few of my friends own this little etsy shop and can I be the first to say I'm so thankful for it! I own a few dresses that are just a hair too short for me to wear and be comfortable in. Especially when I know I will be chasing a busy toddler and/or bending over to pick up dropped gold fish. Thanks to this slip shop I can just wear a slip and all problems are fixed! With summer right around the corner and the heat and humidity that are bound to engulf this area, my game plan is to wear a lot of dresses. Thanks to these slips, it is a lot easier to shop for dresses since the length is more "negotiable" than when I didn't know these slips existed. They have a ton of really cute slips and several different colors. I'm sure you can find just what you're looking for.

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  1. Really cool! I will have to keep this little shop in mind the next time I rule a dress out because it's "too short". :)

    Thanks for the tip!