Spring shopping

This is the time of year I get a serious itch to go shopping. We went to the new City Creek Center, in SLC, last week with friends. . . .and 6 kids (combined). The mall is beautiful and it was fun to hang out with some of our closest friends, but I can't say I got much more enjoyment from it than that. It was really crowded so there wasn't much walking room for four adults with two strollers and three other kids to chase around.

The husband and I have decided to give it another shot tonight, without kids. I can't wait! If only there wasn't SO MUCH on my list. I love to shop a little too much, if you know what I mean.

I'm going to have to hold back, but there are a few stores I'm looking forward to shopping at:

Sephora- I'm a huge fan of lipstick. I'm going to have to stop in and look for some new shades. I'm thinking orange/coral and maybe light pink or nude. I have a feeling I'm going to get sucked in and want everything I see.

I would be so happy if I could find some cute colored jeans somewhere. My favorites are mint green (like the ones below, from REVOLVE clothing), robin's egg blue, light pink, or kelly green. I'm pretty picky with jeans though, so we'll see.

I'll also be stopping into ALDO, for some nude heels and maybe something fun, like color block wedges or sandals.
LOFT will be another stop, where I'll look for a summery maxi dress and maybe something cute for Easter.

And hopefully I can get Brad to try on a few things, too. He never (and I mean NEVER) shops for himself. I'm working on getting him to develop a little style of his own. ; ) I'm loving the styles below, from h&m.

I also REALLY want to browse J. Crew (even though I can't afford anything), because their clothes are fantastically beautiful, and maybe Tiffany & Co., just for fun. A girl can dream.


  1. Shopping with kids is impossible! We just stayed at a hotel in Dallas overnight for Spring Break (while Mom and Dad had Liv) and basically all we did was shop and go out to eat for 2 days straight! Those 2 things are so much more fun/less stressful when you don't have kids :) I didn't buy much since I'm pregnant, but I was happy to see Brady trying on and buying a few things.

    I've been looking for nude heels FOREVER! Either they're too platform-y or too pointy or too something. Let me know if and where you find any!

  2. hey tare!! i DID get some nude heels from ALDO. i got these ones: http://www.aldoshoes.com/us/women/shoes/platform-pumps/88331751-sporman/32&flagid=nudes

    they're exactly what i had in mind. love them! in the picture it looks like there's more of a tan color on the inside of the shoe but mine are nude on the inside.

  3. Cute stuff!! I feel SO out of it when it comes to fashion;)
    It's so nice to have sisters that are still in the loop to look to for fashion advice! I'm excited to see you and the kids in just a few weeks, then I can pick your brain! love those nude heels!

  4. i CAN'T WAIT to see all of YOU, caroline! we're so so so excited. only a couple weeks left.

    and, i love talking fashion. ask me anything!! ; )