diy ripped jeans

So, my birthday was a few weeks ago.  I don't get to go shopping very often, even though I LOVE clothes and fashion.  The two times I DO get to shop are after my birthday and after Christmas.  But money doesn't go very far these days and, after spending all of my birthday money, there were still more things I wanted/needed.  I would have liked to get some new jeans, for example.  

I dug through my clothes and decided to give these old F21 jeans a makeover.  It's pretty subtle, but I think it's just what the doctor ordered.  I used a pair of fabric scissors, a safety pin (or you could use a needle), and some tweezers for the holes.  And I used a cheese grater, sandpaper, and foot scrubber to try and distress the thighs (the foot scrubber worked best but if you don't have that, the other two will do).

I chose these jeans because they were cheap and I don't wear them very often (I have a different pair of dark skinnies that I wear most of the time) so I knew it wouldn't matter if the whole project went wrong and I had to throw them away.

                                      BEFORE:                                                   AFTER:

I MAY do a little more distressing later today to give it more of a drastic change but for now, I like them.  If you do some of your own, send a picture (I'm talking to you Tare.  You're the only one who reads this blog).           ; )

{Here's a good tutorial for getting that ripped jeans look}
and the music is one of me and my husband's favorite bands, The xx!


  1. I like it! Like you said, its a good way to re vamp your wardrobe! I won't try it for awhile since I can't stand the thought of wearing jeans right now in this heat!