Snack Time

I haven't done a snack time post in awhile.  Here's the latest.

'Marshrooms' (I call them Toadstools)
So simple.  Apples and Marshmallows.

Another simple but cute snack.  A skewer for the grapes, and a little vanilla frosting for the mini chocolate chips (I think I used cream cheese.  You could probably use vanilla pudding or yogurt too).

Fruit and Dip.
We did Nutella and Honey Greek Yogurt with a Tablespoon of brown sugar.  Peaches and apples for the fruit.  We did it another day with mango and pears.

Assortment of snacks.
We did green olives, cashews, crackers with a spinach artichoke spread, apples, and mozzarella cheese squares.  This was one of MY faves.

Dirt Cups

What kid wouldn't love pudding, oreos, and gummy worms all together in one treat?  Usually we just do straight pudding and oreos, but this recipe mixed the pudding with butter, cream cheese, cool whip, and powdered sugar, for an even more dessert-y snack.  : )

Bran Muffins with Homemade Plum jam.  My mother-in-law's recipe.  So delicious!

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