Before, After, and a little How-To


Here's the result of my lamp makeover.

This isn't the original fabric I had chosen, but Hubba didn't like the original so I compromised. I also decided to use a different base. I'm sort of wishing I had stuck with the original fabric choice, but I do love the outcome. This was a nice facelift for the lamp. Now, I just need to find a place for it!

Supplies for the shade:
  • one yard of coordinating fabric for the chosen room
  • spray adhesive
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  1. I started with a yard of fabric, rolled the shade on it to get an idea of how much I'd need, and trimmed the fabric modestly on the top, bottom, and seam. (When I say I 'rolled' it, I mean I grabbed an edge of the fabric, held it against the shade, and rolled the shade on it's side until the first edge meets more fabric, making sure, all along, that all sides of the shade are covered with fabric. Then I trimmed the seam vertically so there is a nice clean line going down the side of the shade in the end of step 5. My seams overlap.)
  2. Then I used spray adhesive a little at a time. Line the shade up on the wrong side of the fabric and do a test roll to make sure there are no areas showing the original shade. When everything looks good, start back at the beginning (this will be the part underneath the final seam). Spray, roll, and repeat until the shade is covered, making sure to keep the fabric taut throughout to prevent bubbling.
  3. Now trim about an inch away from the top and bottom edges.
  4. Hot glue the edges all the way around, pushing the loose fabric to the inside of the shade.
  5. I intended to cut a trim for the edges seperately and glue it on as a finishing touch but I think it looks fine without that touch. Plus it's a lot easier without one more step.
  6. And for the shade I just taped off the areas where no paint was desired, went out on my porch, and used a coat of primer (I'd suggest maybe two coats) followed by as many coats of white spray paint as is necessary until you get a solid white base.

I framed some of the leftover fabric, too!


  1. Love it! The fabric is great! I want to make one for the baby's room. Now if we could just find out the gender so I could get busy on all the projects I have in my head... I might be needing your help for some things (only if you want).

  2. Hi there ! I love your lamp, the fabric is great ! I've just made my first one yesterday for my baby's nursery. You can check it out on my blog if you want : http://nocesdecoton.canalblog.com/archives/2010/02/24/17031361.html. I hope you like it ! Cheers from France !