A month of Strawberries -PETUNIA

Its Strawberry month here at PETUNIA+POPPY! We just love strawberries! We're on a quest to try out some new recipes, and we'll hopefully have a new one to share each week. The first recipe we have for your tasting pleasure is the Strawberry Shortcake Cookies from Martha Stewart. You have got to try this recipe! My husband is rather picky. The only kind of cookie he will bother with is chocolate chip. However, I made these the other day and convinced him to try one. Let's just say, he didn't stop there. They are de-licious! I love them because they aren't as sweet as most cookies, so after you have one (or two, or three), you don't feel like all you've eaten is sugar. This picture isn't as gorgeous as the one on the Martha website, but this is my proof that I actually made them! Now, go try these cookies!

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