babies on the brain

I've been busy with lots of baby projects lately. I can't seem to turn it off. Every time I lie down to sleep, my head starts swirling with ideas.

I started a baby quilt
(first one ever, but I used these directions. So easy. I didn't purchase a pack, just picked about 10 different fabrics and cut my own 5x5 in. squares)- I've been finished with the quilt top for awhile and finally sent it out to get quilted last week. When I get it back I'll do the binding and be done! I can't wait!


I've made a lot of crocheted baby boots, moccasins, and booties. Here's a couple:



and I'm slowly making progress on the baby nursery
(ie, corner of mom and dad's bedroom).


Stay tuned for more.
xo- Poppy


  1. I'm in love with those boots! She is one lucky girl with such a talented momma!

  2. Oh my heavens Carrie!!!!! I'm dying! You are so crafty and talented! You have got to teach me how to makes those crocheted booties! Soooo cute!