Before I get to my post, I have to say congratulations to SISTER!! Sarah had her sweet baby girl about three weeks ago and she's a little doll.

Two weeks left for ME!!

Now, onto what I MADE:

Yes, I completely copied hers, but I liked her color scheme and happened to already have those exact supplies (minus the wreath form). When I went to the craft store, they didn't have straw wreaths, as she suggests, so I just got a styrofoam wreath and used the instructions from the wreaths I made last year.

I wish I was better at taking step-by-step pictures, but I always think of it after the fact. If you're going to use a styrofoam wreath, you also want to buy:
floral pins
a roll of tulle

1. cut the batting into long strips about 2 inches wide
2. wrap the batting tightly around the wreath until every inch is covered.
3. next wrap the tulle the same way, on top of the batting and pin in place with the floral pins
4. THEN you can start wrapping with yarn and follow danielle's instructions from here

So many possibilities with these wreaths. I have a bunch of ideas I'd still like to try. That is, if Hubba's willing to let me spend more money on mindless things like crafting. I can't help myself. I'm addicted!

My next project is silhouette portraits. I've been wanting to make these for AGES and finally took the time to learn how to do them. I'll post the finished product hopefully soon.

Some helpful hints, if you'd like to try:

silhouette plaques at Thompson Family-Life
DIY at Casa Sugar

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