New Old Baby Stroller

My little girl loves babies. She actually cried in Toy Story 3 when 'Big Baby' falls of the back of the truck into the street. Needless to say, her doll stroller gets used quite a lot! However, before she really got to use it for dolls the kids used take turns pushing each other around.
The fabric was not made to support their weight, and it broke. It's year and a half later and I FINALLY got around to making a new insert. We all love it! I took a bunch of close up pics so I'd be sure to remember how it all was supposed to go together and then I cut it all apart and used it as my pattern.

I made mine out of canvas because I thought it would be able to support more weight (not that I'm encouraging my kids to use this as their own stroller, I just know its gonna happen whether I want it to or not) and because it was a remnant I found on sale!
This baby will definitely get a lot of use!!


  1. Too cute! That is so cool that you were able to make a new, sturdier insert instead of just throwing the whole thing away! I love it! Great last picture - too cute!

  2. Anonymous3.6.11

    so dang cute! good job!!!

  3. you are so good at winging it sarah!! i would have messed this up big time! good job, it looks awesome!

  4. Sarah!!!! This is awesome! Wow!!!!!

  5. wow! i'm very impressed. i love how this turned out! and, good thinking, using canvas. you're right, they'll sit in it whether you like it or not, so it might as well be sturdy enough for that.