hats are my friend

Okay soooooooooo, this no 'poo challenge is getting difficult. It's DAY 17!

I feel yucky.

I didn't think through this very well. I had to show up at the fire station (where my husband works) for Thanksgiving, looking like a grease ball. I wanted to wear a hat but thought that might be rude, so I opted for the ever so popular bun.

I felt disgusting.

Now we've got church tomorrow and Christmas is coming so we need to do family pictures. . . . not really the best time to have a constant bad hair day.

So lately I either wear my hair in a bun or a hat. It's starting to look really piece-y, so even a hat doesn't hide it. Just look at these pictures I took today. You can still see how bad my hair looks, even if most of it is covered.

I tried to do the no heat curl for Thanksgiving but it just looked stringy so up in a bun it went.

Well, I'm still not going to give up. I've come this far and I need to finish. I only have 4 more days until I reach my 21 day goal, but I don't really want to stop until I see results, so I might try an applesauce wash. I'm just worried about being 'flaky' afterwards.


What to do, what to do? We shall see.

Sare and I are working on our giveaway. I think we should be ready in a couple more days! Get excited people! Get REALLY excited. ; )

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