5 little monkeys swingin' in a tree. . . .

I was invited to a baby shower for twins, and I knew I'd crochet a couple of hats (because that's just what I always do for baby showers) but I wanted a little something more, so I did what I always do. . . .I called Sarah. She never fails to help me out when I need advice. We make a good team, she and I. SHE makes things, tells ME about them, then I copy her, and I post about them! It all works out. She taught herself to crochet and that's why I started. She learned to knit so now I want to learn. Basically I'm the little sister who's always trying to be like my big sis. She's usually the inspiration behind my projects and I think she needs more credit.

Back to my story.

So I called Sare and she directed me to some adorable little finger puppets on Homemade by Jill, which she had already made for a friend AND for her own little ones.

I LOVE them. They're so cute. I only had time to make them for my friend, but I DO also want to make some for my children. Christmas present?

I printed out the cute little monkey song and made 5 little monkeys and a crocodile (no pics of the croc though. oops!)

I also made a little bag to put them in. I REALLY just made it up, but if you've never made anything like this before and need a little help, surprise surprise, I was looking through our posts that hadn't been published yet and SARAH had already written one up with these links:

The piece of fabric I used was 20 in. x 10 3/4 in. in case anyone's curious. I only used that one piece for the whole project, so the finished bag was half that size. Sorry I didn't make a tutorial but check the link above for some helpful info.

The finished bag.

And I made each monkey face a little different than the last, just for fun.

the end.

ps did you enter the giveway yet?


  1. so cute! tutorials like this are more of a reason why i need a sewing machine!!!!! so cute!

  2. You girls never cease to amaze me . . . I'm not nearly so clever or crafty. What a fun gift to receive! I'll bet your friend loved it! :)

  3. Thanks sis, we DO make a good team! I love the different faces on each monkey...wish I had thought of that!

  4. Very cute! I want that for my own child :) Great gift to give too!