lately. . . .

We celebrated one year with our little girly.

working on a crocheted wreath, but I ran out of yarn.

We're changing it up this year with a small, sparse tree, so I'm changing up the ornaments, too. I'm working on some crocheted snowflakes.

more to come. . . .


  1. Crocheted snowflakes are some of my most favorite things in the world! I am going to need a little lesson. I have 8 that a grandma in my home neighborhood gave me when I got married and I love them on my tree. They are my favorite things ever. So, as soon as i learn a few crochet basics, I'll be headed over for a snowflake lesson. I'll bring some brownie edges :)

  2. sounds great, erica! i'll call you next time kim comes over. we've gotten together a couple of times now, for some crochet lessons, and play time for the kids.

  3. Oooo, pretty! Do you have a pattern you want to share for the snowflakes? We tried to make some out of paper and it didn't go so well. Maybe I could make a bunch of these for the kids room.