A few more friend gifts. . .

I just haven't been able to find time for blogging lately, but I thought I'd quickly post a few more of my latest crochet projects.

A neck warmer, made with the crocodile stitch.

Another Chunky Circle Scarf (in 'Bone').

A hat. I semi-made up the pattern and semi-followed this one.

I've also been working on some adorable sock monkey hats for a friend, and a baby cardigan, for a group I joined on Ravelry (an online community for knitters and crocheters). I'll get around to posting them eventually.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year's celebration! In true New Year fashion, we're trying to get our lives in order. We're working on getting this blog organized and to define our real purpose in continuing. We hope you'll like our changes. Stay tuned!


  1. They're all beautiful, but the crocodile stitch is really cool!

  2. I agree with Sarah! I love them all, but that's a really neat neck warmer!

  3. As soon as my sisters wedding is over, the twins sock monkey birthday sewing gets done, and Creamie turns 3 next week I really want a crochet lesson. I'll bring snacks and everything! That crocodile stitch is AMAZING! And I love the buttons with it. SO so great.

  4. Amazing! You are so talented! I wish I could crochet like that!