DIY Little Girl Leggings

Oh. My. Goodness!!! I love these! I always thought I could use old shirts to make leggings for my girls, but I tend to doubt myself until someone else tells me it really is possible. While perusing Made quite a while back I found this tutorial and I was so excited!

I made some cute little green and white striped capri leggings for Addie back in the spring. She wore them almost everyday throughout the summer!
So, when I found a red and white striped shirt at the thrift store (with the perfect amount of stretch!) I knew my girls just had to have some candy cane leggings for the holiday season!
I really wanted to make a pair for both of my girls so I got a little creative. I made Addie a pair of pants from the body of the shirt, and I used the sleeves to make a pair for Ellie. I wouldn't recommend doing that, but it all worked out in the end. They love their new pants! Well, Ellie doesn't really care, but Addie wanted to wear hers for a week straight. I had to convince her to let me wash them.


  1. i saw the green ones in person and they were so cute, but these red and white ones are to die for! perfect for christmas. good job! i think i need to try making some for p'nell.

  2. SO SO stinkin' cute!!! You're just too crafty! :)

  3. Anonymous11.12.11

    Super cute!

  4. Great idea Sarah!!!! I may have to get brave and try these!