Find Joy in the Journey...

I have this printable that I want to share. It's on my refrigerator and as I look at it daily it helps me to keep a good perspective. It serves as a constant reminder to see the good in that day and to remember the bigger picture. 

printable can be found here

Growing up my mom and dad  worked really hard outside the home to be able to provide for me and my older brother and older sister...so they were gone A LOT. With my siblings being 7-9 years older and gone by the time I was in middle school- I spent lots of time alone wondering what it would be like to have a house full of noise and activity, routines... I just  longed to be with my parents (especially my mom- she is the warmest, sweetest , kindest woman I know) and even my siblings who were gone. I remember feeling so jealous of my friends whose moms were home for them when the were out of school and they got to talk about their day, what made them happy, what made them sad...they were heard and validated and felt loved and important. Don't get me wrong, I generally felt loved and I felt important... and I'd like to think I turned out ok... but I craved that constant reminder and security that comes only from time spent daily with those you love and trust the most. So growing up I decided that I would do that and be that for my kids...Fast forward to now, 5 kids later- I have realized that parenting is SO much HARDER than I could have ever imagined! and that I have SO much to learn on HOW that is done!! With my parents gone so much I knew what NOT to do, BUT I needed tons of help on WHAT TO DO  to make sure I'm that happy, loving, caring Mom that provides that safe and loving environment I so badly craved ! I have found as a parent with no real pattern to follow that I have had to rely a lot on my faith in God through prayers, the scriptures , instinct, good mothers I know (including my MIL who I really admire)...AND really good parenting books!  there are SO many out there...I have read several through out the years and I must say this one is new favorite... I have read it twice and made hubby read it with me the 2nd time
I don't believe that there is ONE great parenting book that has ALL the answers to EVERY parenting challenge... BUT from this book I have found many ideas on ways to help ME be a better and more "in tune" mom.  some of the "tried and true" tips I have implemented from this book have actually worked!!  

one of my favorites from this book is the "repenting bench" --So I send my kids here when they have an argument or fight and do the "he said-- she said" routine and try to get me to play good cop/bad cop... SO-they have to sit on that bench until they work it out, apologize and are on good terms.  If hitting is involved they have to sit and hug for 5 WHOLE minutes!!! that's a LONG time I know...for the first minute or two they hate it! but by the end of the 5 minutes they make the best of it and get silly (pretending to be 2 headed, 4 legged monsters) and it helps break up the contention and they get over it! 

 It could sort of look like this....

I've noticed that when I am reading my scriptures and reading books like the one mentioned above that I focus on being a happier momma  and that for brief moments at a time I find joy in the journey... and when I am finding joy in the journey this is what I get to see...

It's a constant work in progress, BUT
Here's to finding joy in our journey!!! 


  1. love it! i really want to read that book now. a parenting book that i've loved is Love and Logic. i need to read it again though. : ) and i love that printable, too. i'm amazed at what you and kjirst do from day to day, with so many kids. i only have three, but it's TOUGH! if you can just focus on the good and 'find joy in the journey', you realize just what a blessing motherhood is. good job, momma!

  2. Oh Caroline . . . I loved this post! I really needed it. :) I think you are such an incredible woman and mother. I am so grateful to have you as a "sister" and example. I love you! (Thanks for the reminder about that book - I remember you telling me about it . . . I need to get it :).

  3. Thank you for the tips Caroline!! To me you are a Super Mom!!!!

  4. Sweet post! Being a mom really is the hardest and best job ever!