V-day Treats

For our date this month, Griff and I made Valentine's Day treats!!

They were Delicious, with a capital D.

I thought I'd share links to the recipes, for anyone still looking for something to make on Tuesday.

We made two batches of Martha Stewart's sugar cookies. Man, these were good. I don't know if it's just because I'm dieting (everything suddenly seems so tasty to me) or if they really are that good, but we ate these sooooooo fast, and I maybe had one or two or seven too many. : )

PLEEEEEEASE, somebody do the stamps. The whole reason I made these sugar cookies is because I was in love with the whole conversation heart theme, on the site. BUT, my husband wasn't too excited about the $25 price tag on the stamps, so he nixed that idea.

The other treat we made was these super tasty whoopie pies. We all made ourselves a little sick on them. They're REALLY good. Highly recommended by me.

Besides the fact that they taste so good, they're really pretty too. And, to me, that's half the allure.

Find the recipe at the Polli blog, and serve with a big ol' glass of cold milk.


  1. YUM!! Sugar cookies are my absolute favorite . . . and weakness!! Very cute ideas . . . such a fun date with Griff!! Happy Valentine's Day! Love you! :)

  2. loved all the cute details...the straws, the the tablecloth, the stacked cookies...but mostly the super cute boys licking the whisk and eating the cookies! what a fun and yummy date!

  3. I really do love the date idea, such a good idea. And those V-day whoopie pies were fantastic! I am embarrassed to tell you how quickly they disappeared. Without any help from my family ;)

  4. Um ya...I like whoopi pies! Those look so good!

  5. ha ha! erica, that's why i had to get rid of some of them. i seriously would have eaten them all. i'm glad you liked them!