My name is Taryn (Tare-in). I am the youngest of the 5 sisters. I LOVED growing up with older sisters to look up to/steal clothes from. I’m pretty sure that I was always the typical annoying little sister that copied everything they did, but hopefully they liked having someone who idolized everything about them!? Let’s be honest, I still copy everything they do (and I still idolize them)!

Now I live in Texas with my husband of 4 ½ years, our 2 year old daughter, and our 2nd daughter, due to arrive in May.

I feel like I’m still learning and growing into my roles of wife and mother (that probably shouldn’t be true of someone who has a 2 year old, a baby on the way, and has already been married for over 4 years!). I’m not as “on the ball” or nearly as organized as my sisters, but I try my best. When it comes to my sisters, I still feel like I have to run just to keep up with their walking pace...just like it was in the old days!

My number one goal for each and every day is to show my little family that I love them, and if I can’t seem to accomplish that then I am sure to tell them at least twice a day every day, even if the laundry doesn’t get folded or dinner is not made by me.

Here are a handful of things about me.
  • I’m a Dental Hygienist and currently work part time
  • I love to read and am a member of 2 book clubs.
  • I have all kinds of projects planned for baby #2 but have yet to start any of them.
  • I love to get dressed up and go out with my husband! Doesn’t everyone though.
  • One of my favorite things in this world is eating delicious food. My husband and I are on the constant prowl for good eats whether it be restaurants or recipes.
  • I can’t get enough of feeling this baby move and I can’t wait to welcome her in May!


  1. welcome, sister! we're excited to have you! can't wait to see what you have in store. i've absolutely loved having all of the sisters on here. love you!

  2. I know I keep saying this...but you really are the cutest pregnant girl I've ever seen! I can't believe girly #2 will be here in May!!! that seems so fast (to me at least, probably not to you;) Great intro Tare! I always love what you share on your blog and I'm excited for what you will share on this blog- talented sister!! love ya!

  3. Really cute intro teensie! You do so many neat things . . . can't wait to see what you share. :) I sure love you!!

  4. Yay! We're excited you're here! Cute pics sis!

  5. Taryn! Look at your cute little bump! You are beautiful!!!!