It was an accident!

This is my cute little 5 year old.

A while back we were all hanging out in the living room when I heard, "Sorry mom, it was an accident." That's when you KNOW its something bad. So I turned around and saw this:

Wax! Not just wax, but RED wax! I managed to stay surprisingly calm. We had had an incident with a crayon in the dryer a month before, so I already had some advice from my mom on how to get it out. She suggested cloth and a warm iron. I never actually tried it on the laundry because it seemed hopeless (it was a load of whites and a green crayon). But since we couldn't just throw out a section of carpet, this time is was worth a shot.

I had some scrap cloth (from the ruined load of laundry mentioned above) that I laid over the wax and then used an iron on a warm setting (not too hot). I gently pressed for a few seconds down the entire spill and then lifted the cloth. Wax came up with it. I was amazed! I also used paper towels because I was curious if they would actually work, and they did. Just as well as the cloth. I did this around 12 times, and this was the result:
Had the wax been white you probably wouldn't be able to see it anymore, but I think this looks pretty amazing. I never even remember that its there.

Hopefully this doesn't happen to you, but if it does...this method is tried and true!


  1. Awesome tip Sissy! I have had to do this before too. AND . . . I've had crayon in the dryer more than once -- The melaleuca sol u mel works pretty well on getting the crayon out of laundry, but some stuff still hit the trash.

    I love tips like these . . . keep 'em comin'! Love you!

    p.s. And that IS one cute boy!!! :)

  2. haha, I can just hear jack saying that! I am glad to know that this trick works, i will have to keep it in mind....I am sure one day I may need to use it.

  3. Oooh - thanks for that tip!!! I found some stains that look like crayon on our carpet, I'm going to see if it works or lessens the stain. I'll let you know how it turns out;)