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My husband attended a seminar where the guest speaker talked about something similar to this.  He said that we all have natural gifts and talents - and it's a proven fact that we have the greatest aptitude for growth in areas where we are already naturally gifted.  His example:  They put a bunch of people in a speed reading class and tested how many words per minute that they could read BEFORE they took the class, and how many words per minute that they could read AFTER they took the class.  Everyone improved, but the ones who improved the most, were the ones who were already really good readers.  So, because they were building upon a talent that they already posessed, they improved exponentially.  For example, if they all improved by double -- then those who were say at 50%, were at 100% after the class (50% increase), but if they were already at 100%, then after the class they were at 200% (100% increase).  Am I making any sense?  It's so much more clear when my husband explains it.  (Explaining things is not an area that I am "naturally talented" in, I guess. ;)

My point in sharing this, has to do with raising children.  Like all parents, my husband and I have tried to give our kids lots of different opportunities to participate in a variety of "activites" in order to learn what their talents and interests are.  Usually they are most interested in the things that they are naturally talented in -- makes sense. 

This process can be trial and error though.  And I think we have to be open to the fact that their interests/talents may be outside of what we think they should do, or what we may secretly want them to do, or what we think would be the best for them - for whatever reason.  Whether their talents lie in academics, or music, the arts, athletics, or social graces, etc . . . it's important that we help them find their "thing" and give them opportunities to develop and grow in the ways that God intended. 

And honestly, this goes for us "big kids" too!  I think I'm still searching for my talents . . . sometimes I feel like a "fish, trying to climb a tree".  But I do believe that we all have bits of genius in us.  The trick is finding it . . . but, once it's found . . . WONDERFUL things can happen.  :)


  1. i love that quote! it's really so true. One kid may not be as 'good' at something, as their friend is. that doesn't mean they're not smart or talented, just in different areas. i completely got what you were saying, too. you do a great job of explaining it. ; ) i want my children to find what they enjoy and what they're good at, so they can work on improving that one thing and feeling the confidence that comes from being good at something.

  2. I think it is so interesting that this wonderful quote is from Einstein who really WAS a genius but as a kid people thought him to be "dumb" and teachers expected he wouldn't amount to much... sometimes people's talents are more hidden or just not as obvious or as public as others (einstein for example;) and like you said as parents we get the privilege to help our kiddos figure that out through trial and error. Challenging but very rewarding!! I think it's also important that our kids learn that they can develop a talent that maybe doesn't come naturally and that weak things can also be made strong, if they want it badly enough. great food for thought! thanks Kj!

  3. Another great point (and message) Caroline. Weak things CAN be made strong. So important to communicate that to our kids also. Thanks! :)