Spring time treat

I've been trying to eat a little healthier lately.  I get really "snacky" around 3pm . . . when my kids get home from school and I start to stress about what activities or practices we have, and projects/homework to do, extra noise messes friends at our house, and how I'm going to get dinner ready, and feed my baby on any kind of schedule.   

I found these yogurt pops on pinterest . . . easy, healthy, AND yummy!  The perfect treat for the "stress eater".  And even better ~ I had it all on hand.  I used activia . . . stuck some big popcicle sticks in the middle, and froze them up!  They remind me a little bit of the pudding pops I used to eat when I was a kid . . . but they're yogurt, so no guilt!  I think we've also found a good compromise for mama (who wants snacks to be healthy) and kids (who want snacks to be "treats") .  :) 

And since it's been 75 degrees here for the past week . . . it sure feels like "popcicle season"!

photo from pinterest
I liked the shape and amount of the Activia . . . it was perfect for my Claire to handle.  I guess you could use any kind of yogurt (I think the picture above may be yoplait).  I have chobani in the fridge too, but the shape seemed akward.  I bet it would be good though . . . super creamy! 

Now . . . go put some sticks in some yogurt and put 'em in the freezer!



  1. That looks so yummy and even better sooo easy! I will definitely have to try it since popsicles are one of the few things Liv likes to eat. Perfect for her because I've been trying to get her to eat more dairy since she hates milk and yogurt (what kind of toddler/kid is she?).

    ps- I love Claire's necklace! Where is it from? She always has the cutest jewelry!

  2. the weather here isn't quite warm enough for that yet, but it will be a great snack in about 3 months. : ) i'm a stress eater too, and that usually means whatever's easiest (which also usually means whatever is the most unhealthy) so it's nice to have some healthy snacks on hand to keep you from snacking on junk. thanks, kjirst!

  3. Thanks Teense . . . Claire's necklace is from Target. It's super cheap. There were some flower earrings that I liked, and they came with that necklace (so I gave the necklace to Claire). I think it was $4.99 for the set.

    Care . . . I was thinking while I was posting this, that it probably wasn't applicable to most people at the moment . . . sorry. We have had an unseasonably warm winter. I'm a little nervous for summer . . . last year we had like 30 consecutive 110 degree days - YIKES! I'm not sure how it can get any worse -- other than push us further into drought. We're already at stage 3 -- threatening stage 4. I think we may be turning into Arizona! :)

  4. yum!! I do this with gogurts for my kids and they end up like push pops (remember those?:)
    but I never would have thought to do that with grown up yogurt! sweet! I'm excited to try these!!!

  5. This is BRILLIANT!!!! I'm going to do this for sure! And Claire is so beautiful Kjirst!!!! She looks so grownup!

  6. Awesome! and, SO jealous that you have some warm weather! This will be perfect a few months from now, or maybe we could just eat them by the fire;)