What I've learned (skin)

I never thought I'd be the type to take the 'natural' route with skin and hair, but I also never knew what a hit my skin would take in my late 20s. I don't know if it's the dry Utah weather, or just my escalating age. Add to that, three pregnancies and breastfeeding babies, birth control, etc (hormones out of control), and my poor skin has really had a hard time staying CLEAR the past few years. And that would explain my path down a road full of natural home treatments. I think my skin is thanking me. Even though it's not quite 'there', I'm seeing some good results and I like knowing what's in the products I'm putting on it. My skin feels healthier, cleaner, clearer, smoother, and more hydrated.


[NIGHT] oil-cleansing, Apple Cider Vinegar Toner, Coconut Oil Moisturizer

[DAY] Honey Mask (or sometimes I just rinse with water), Apple Cider Vinegar Toner, and Hyaluronic Acid Day Cream

[ONCE A WEEK] Aspirin Mask


I've learned a few things along the way, if you want to try these at home. Here's what you should know:

Oil-Cleansing: go to the Crunchy Betty Blog to learn more. I mix my castor oil and avocado oil in this squeeze bottle and use it to clean my face every night! I LOVE this stuff! It's such a gently way to wash your face, without stripping it of moisture.

Apple Cider Vinegar as a Toner: It needs to be the kind with 'The Mother'. You don't know what that means? Never fear, it says it right on the front of the bottle. I got mine at Sunflower Market. Shake the vinegar up, and mix 1 part vinegar/3 parts water. I mix mine in a small spray bottle. I spray some on a cotton ball, and wipe it all over my face. No need to wash it off or anything. Just let it dry. I promise the smell goes away once it dries.

Coconut Oil: So many great things about coconut oil! I cook with it, too. Make sure you get 'Pure' or 'Extra-Virgin', cold-pressed, unrefined, non-homogenized kind and slather on your face as a moisturizer, or your whole body, which is what I do.

Don't be intimidated by all of the label stipulations. Just read the front label. Once again, I got mine at Sunflower Market. Check this out for some more uses. When using it on my FACE, I only put it on at night, so it has time to soak in (if I use it in the day under make-up, I feel like it makes my make-up run. But, if you're more 'natural' than I am, and you don't wear makeup, I doubt it matters.)

I also like 'Yes to Carrots'. (On my body, not my face.)

Hyaluronic Acid: This is what I use as a moisturizer during the DAY. I first heard about hyaluronic acid a long time ago, on The Beauty Department and have wanted to try it out since. The other day at Sunflower Market, I came across this Day Creme with Hyaluronic Acid and couldn't keep my arm from reaching out, grabbing it, adding it to my basket and running to checkout like I hit the jackpot. I LOVE this stuff!! The Beauty Department said to use 100%, which is not what this is, but I love it still. It's a great way to combat this dry Utah weather. Maybe next time, I'll look for the 100% version (supposedly you'd only need a drop or two of that, but I slather the creme on because it feels like I'm quenching my thirsty skin)

Honey Mask: Just remember-RAW honey (got it at Good Earth. I'm sure they'd have it at Sunflower Market, too). I use this in the morning, to wash my face (or sometimes I just splash some water on my face). Just rub about 1 T. between your fingers to soften it up, then rub it all over your face and let it sit for five minutes. After five minutes, rinse with warm water.

Aspirin Mask: non-coated or lightly coated. I couldn't find anything that said that? I got chewy. ha ha! I think it works. It's like a lightly exfoliating mask. That's why I use it just once a week. (found on Painted Ladies)

I wash however I'm washing at the time (oil, water, or honey), then do the mask: You simply dissolve two or three tablets in the palm of your hand with a few drops of water, rub it on your face and let it sit for five minutes. Then rinse it off. I like to use a towel so I can get all of the flakes off. (then I follow with the rest of my routine- apple cider vinegar toner and either coconut oil or hyaluronic acid for moisture)

Phew! That seemed like a lot, I know. Let me know if you have any questions. All of these things are working for me. It might sound like a lot, but once you're in the routine, it's really not that hard AT ALL. And another thing I love about these natural methods of cleaning and moisturizing is that you get a lot of bang for your buck. This stuff comes in HUGE containers and lasts a LONG time.

One more thing: I also take Fish Oil for my skin. My doctor recommended it. I was happy, because I was going to start taking it anyway, as I had heard there are a lot of benefits to doing so.


  1. Wow! Cool stuff Care . . . you've put a lot of effort into your skin care! I've always heard good things about fish oil . . . and now, after reading all of those benefits, I'm gonna have to look into starting that myself! Thanks for the nudge. :) Love you! (and can't wait to see you!!!!!!)

  2. This is so interesting to me! I'll have to talk to you about it when you come :) It seems overwhelming to me, but like you said, I'm sure once I had all the stuff and did it once, it would be fine.

  3. yes, tare. i knew it might seem overwhelming to people, so i almost broke it down into a lot of posts, but i think it's nice to have everything in one place. keep in mind i didn't go out one day and buy all of this. i've added everything into my routine little by little. i'd suggest to anyone wanting to try these things, to start with one or two things-maybe the ACV toner and the coconut oil moisturizer- and then, when you feel comfortable with those, try one of the others. we'll talk when i come home. only a few more weeks!!

  4. Ooo, the coconut oil and day cream are especially interesting to me. PS. When are you going home!? I know you were talking about it, but it sounds like maybe you have actual dates now. I'm jealous!

  5. I really need to try some of these! I'm not great at taking care of my skin-and I'm not getting any younger!! I too get overwhelmed with too many steps-but you did a great job breaking it down. Great post!

  6. sare, we're going home the last two weeks of april!! i'm so excited! also, you should totally try the coconut oil and day cream. i love love love them!

    caroline, thank you! if there's one thing i'd recommend, it would be the acv toner and coconut oil. tackles skin that's in need of clearing up and moisturizing. it CAN be overwhelming, i know. but just start small. not everyone needs all of this stuff but, like i said, my skin has really taken a hit. that's why i've changed SO MUCH about my routine!

  7. this is fantastic! I already use some of this stuff in my home, so I have it. Can't wait to try it out! I was just looking for a new skin care regime. I wasn't really liking mine much anymore. Thank you for sharing! And fish oil has amazing benefits! We all take it daily. They have some for kids too!

  8. What a great post! I do the oil cleansing thing. I will also research the apple cider vinegar toner.

    Question though, I had heard that you shouldn't use coconut oil as a moisturizer for your face as it tends to clog your pores? Mind you, I just went and searched it again and it seems to be dependent on your skin.