Book Club: Tea Party

Last month's book club read was titled Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier.
Because the story takes place in England, there was quite a bit of talk about tea time.
The cute hostess this month decided to have a tea party for this month's book club discussion!
People brought tea cups and kettles and we had several choices of herbal tea to choose from (all were caffeine free of course). It was a really fun way to "spice up" book club and do things a little differently.

With the tea we had English scones with jams, butter, and whipped cream; veggies and dip; crackers and cheese ball; cake balls; and of course the bundtinis from "Nothing Bundt Cakes". Delish!

I totally recommend this book for your book club. It is different (written in the Gothic style) but so intriguing and has several plot twists along the way. Once I made it through the first 2 or 3 chapters I was hooked and ended up reading it in 4 days. I think Du Maurier is a wonderful writer and I enjoyed the imagery (although sometimes it was a bit much) and her passionate writing. I don't think it is necessarily one that you will learn life's lessons from, but it just such a fun and suspenseful read! I can't really tell you too much about the book because of that, but give it a chance! It made for a wonderful discussion.


  1. What a fun book club! I guess tea parties aren't just for "little" girls! (hee hee) I love tea parties too . . . the last one I had was with Mom and Aunt Linda and Michelle when we were "celebrating" the royal wedding. :) Thanks for the book recommendation . . . I'll have to put it on my long list of books to read. :) Love you!

  2. what a great way to host a book club and get into the theme of the book! Rebecca was one of the books our book club read last year. I read a couple of chapters and didn't give it a chance...I should have been more patient! Maybe I will try again later.) love all the details of the tea party!!! Makes me want to dress up and have one with my girlies:)

  3. so fun! i love tea parties. can't wait until p'nellie is a little older so we can have them all the time. i think my boys would even like it.

  4. Caroline- I did the same thing! I checked it out from the library and started with chapter one and couldn't get through chapter 2. I had to return it and figured I wouldn't make it through this one this month, but when I talked to my book club friends they encouraged me to try again and get past all the imagery and description of those first chapters. Once I did I was intrigued, and then even further into the book I was totally engrossed and just had to know how it would end! One day you'll have to try again, if only for the excuse to throw a tea party ;)