Choose the Right

We've been talking lots and lots about choosing the right with our kids. The other day, while perusing pinterest (love me some pinterest!), I found a tut for changing the background color on CTR rings. I'm pretty excited about it! We're going to put them in the kids Easter baskets. I wanted to link to the tutorial. I searched pinterest for a pin that actually links to the sight where they got it, and none can be found. Sorry, but thank you, who ever you are!

I started with the normal green CTR rings I picked up at Deseret Book for $1/ea.
Then after some mishaps caused by guessing on the process, I dropped the rings in a cup of nail polish remover for 10 minutes. I put the first one in for a little less than that, but I found that the ring left in 10 minutes cleaned up much more easily. I used a toothpick and my fingernail to clean out the hard to get to places.
Then I made sure to rinse in warm water so the remover was completely gone before I started to add the nail polish. I found some pretty blue and pink nail polishes for $1/ea. It takes very very little nail polish.

I added the nail polish, even covering the letters. Then I cleaned the edges of the shield with a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover. To clean the letters, I found it best to lay the q-tip flat on its side and sweep it down the top of the ring. That way it only takes the polish off the letters.
Even though they love the green background, Jack and Addie are going to be so excited to have CTR rings that are their favorite colors!


  1. That is so cool! I know I would have loved to have a pink CTR ring when I was that age.

  2. that's really cool! thanks for sharing! i might try this with my boys. (or maybe i'll copy you and surprise them with some in their easter baskets.) so easy.

  3. I love this!!! Wish I could get my hands on some ctr rings before Easter to do this for their baskets! How fun for each kiddo to have it in a different color, then we could identify whose ring belongs to each. Great tut! thanks for sharing!

  4. What a good idea! I'm sure Jack and Addie will LOVE them. :)

  5. that is so very awesome! I love it!