Let the Creative Juices Flow

I have the pleasure of joining a few friends in throwing a baby shower tonight.  I'm sure there will be some pictures soon.  : )

I dragged my feet on brainstorming for a long while, because my Texas trip came first, and I didn't want to stress about it while I was on vacation.  Also, I haven't DONE much, creatively speaking, in quite some time, and I know what happens when I open THAT door. . . .

It becomes my life and I have a hard time taking care of my other responsibilities.  Soooooo, I waited until a couple days ago, to really get started on party planning, so that I'd only be stressed for a minute.  It totally worked!  BUT, I kid you not, five minutes into my internet research, I found this GORGEOUS blanket and now THAT'S going to fill my every thought until it's complete.  -sigh-  I just can't win.

  If you don't think this is pretty, you're crazy.  Or maybe I'M crazy.  I couldn't take my eyes off this thing and couldn't stop talking my husband's ears off, about how I want to make it and NEED to go to the fabric store.  He, in turn, informed me that I can't just go off buying fabric, until his next pay day.  My poor, poor, patient husband.  I love that man.

SO, pay day is slowly approaching, and I can't wait to go shopping for some beautiful fabric to make a beautiful blanket.  And hopefully it's easy enough to start whipping them up.  I plan to fill a closet with all kinds of sizes and colors.

directions for the blanket, found at Aesthetic Nest.

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  1. Love it! I want one too! My friend Jennifer makes blankets with that technique. I just might have to get my sewing machine out and give it a go!