A Baby Shower!

Like I've said before, I LOVE party planning (even if the actual PARTY might stress me out a bit).

I got to join five other friends in planning a shower for our sweet friend, Jessie.  Mindy and I were in charge of decorations.   I think we all agreed that it kept the stress to a minimum to have so many people contributing.  We each had a small assignment.  

The colors of the nursery are yellow and gray, so we made a few decorations that coordinate.  We made this fabric banner out of yellow and white fabric (tied to twine) and a couple dot garlands, hanging from the chandeliers.  I made one in yellow and white and one with white and silver (just use scrap paper and a 2 inch dot punch, and sew together.  A big impact for cheap.  And it comes together fast and easy).  Then we added some milk glass, and a few prints in our color scheme.

I made some little shoes for the baby:

I used a pattern I bought from Two Girl Patterns, on Etsy.

Remember my chalkboard?  We used it to write a 'Please Take One' sign for the favors (another friend made the most delicious cake pops, EVER!).  And I had Hubba make a 'T' for the baby's name, out of wood (because I couldn't find the right size in stores, and this was cheaper anyway), and I wrapped it in yarn and made some yellow felt flowers for embellishment.

I thought everyone did an amazing job and it turned out great!  So good to have such sweet, thoughtful friends.

Us, with the guest of honor (who you can hardly even tell is pregnant).  It was such a fun night!


  1. Cutest crocheted shoes that I've ever seen! Good job Carrie!

  2. Anonymous19.6.14

    I absolutely love your decorations. Can you share how you made the little tags for the Ball jars with lemonade?