Nail Art

I like to play around with beauty products.  I try new hairstyles, makeup tricks, and skincare regimens.  I also, occasionally, like to do my nails.  I really never go to a spa or salon for these things.  I just like to learn myself.  I'm sure I could get a more professional outcome, but this is something I enjoy doing.

The last thing I tried was the half moon manicure, from The Beauty Department.  I used Sonia Kashuk nail polishes (at Target) in 'Smoke and Mirrors' and 'Blank Slate'. 

I've also tried slanted colors, like these, below, that I found on Pinterest (but the link doesn't work).  In my opinion, the trick to these nails, is picking colors in the same family.  I used oranges: Essie, is 'A Crewed Interest' and 'Tart Deco' (my FAVORITE spring shade!), and Sally Hansen, in 'Kook A Mango'.   

Warning:  It takes a lot of time.  You have to make sure your nails are COMPLETELY dry between each coat.  I used scotch tape to create the slant.  So, start by painting the whole nail with the lightest color.  Then add the middle color after it's dry, using the tape to block off the top 1/3 of the nail.  Then add the darkest color using the same method.  And finish with a clear top coat.  I did mine over two or three days.  With three kids, it's not very realistic to do it in one sitting.

And how about the Ombre Nails (also from The Beauty Department), and these neon lining nails from Baby Porridge?  LOVE!

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